How Much Bunting Do I Need For A Marquee?

When planning a party, there are always decorations that need to be considered. One such decoration is the marquee. Bunting can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

However, how much bunting should be used depends on the size of the marquee and the type of party being held.

Bunting Do I Need For A Marquee

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How Much Bunting Do I Need For A Marquee?

In order to create the perfect party atmosphere, you need to have the right bunting. To measure the width and height of your marquee, you first need to know its dimensions.

Purchase enough bunting for your measurements and cut it to fit your marquee. Finally, attach the bunting to your marquee using clips or nails.

Measure The Width And Height Of Your Marquee

To determine how much bunting you will need, first measure the width and height of your marquee. Next, divide the width by the height to find the number of yards needed.

Buy enough bunting to reach from one end of your marquee to the other. Make sure to allow for an inch or two on either side of the banner for hanging or clearance purposes.

It is also important to remember that bunting will fray over time, so purchase a higher quality fabric if possible. Bunting can be purchased in a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, and nylon.

When choosing a design or pattern for your marquee, keep in mind that it may need to be printed on both sides of the fabric for best results. If you are using a vinyl banner, make sure to choose a material with a high vinyl content for durability and long-term use.

For extra security when setting up your marquee, use tiebacks or wire hangers as supports along the edges of your fabric backdrop.. . Remember that there is no one right way to set up and display a banner – just enjoy its stunning visual impact!

Purchase Enough Bunting For Your Measurements

When it comes to purchasing bunting, make sure to take your measurements into account. A little bit goes a long way with this product, so don’t overspend.

Also, be sure to have enough decorations for your event or celebration.

Cut Bunting To Fit Your Marquee

When putting up a banner, you don’t need to buy huge quantities of bunting. To make sure your banner looks professional and cohesive, cut bunting to fit the size of your marquee or flagpole.

If you have a smaller marquee or flagpole, bunting in one or two colors will do the job just fine. If you want to add more color or patterns to your banner, cut multiple pieces of bunting instead of buying a large roll.

And if you are using a static backdrop like fabric or wallpaper, measure first before cutting bunting to fit. Remember that smaller banners and flags look better when they are fully decorated with bunting rather than just having strings hanging down from the top.

Whether you are using wooden poles or plastic ones, be sure to attach the bunting securely so it doesn’t fall off during the celebration! You can also use bunting as an inexpensive way to spruce up any outdoor area for your events – perfect for birthday parties, block parties, and more! And last but certainly not least…have fun with your banner! Go wild with colorful designs and whimsical prints – who knows, maybe people will start asking you to put up marquees every weekend!

Attach Bunting To Your Marquee

There are a few ways to attach bunting to your marquee, depending on what type of marquee you have. You can either use tape or screws and nails.

For a fabric marquee, you can simply tie the bunting around the post or beam. If you have a metal frame marquee, then attaching bunting with screws and nails will be necessary.

The most common way to attach bunting is with Velcro strips and hooks, but there are other options available as well. Bunting can be used for many purposes, such as advertising your business or event, celebrating a special occasion, or just adding some extra flair to your marquee.

There are many different styles and colors of bunting that you can choose from to suit your needs and style. Some examples include multicolor stripes, checks, polka dots, and patriotic designs. Whether you’re using it for an advertisement or decoration, bunting is a simple way to add personality and pizzazz to your marquee!

Measure Your Marquee

To figure out how much bunting you need for your marquee, start by estimating the size of the banner and multiplying it by This will give you the approximate number of yards of bunting that you’ll need.

Make sure to account for any seam allowances as well when measuring. Once you have the number of yards of bunting needed, find a retailer that sells fabric in bulk and purchase it there. It’s also possible to buy pre-cut bunting at most home improvement stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Assemble the bunting by following the manufacturer’s instructions or watch a video on how to do it properly. Hang the banner using metal stakes or wall anchors and enjoy your new marquee!

Select The Right Bunting

When planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions is what type of bunting to use. There are many different types and colors of bunting, so it is important to choose the right one for your event.

Before making your purchase, take into account the size of your marquee and whether or not you will need poles or strings to hang it. You can find bunting in a variety of styles and colors, so be sure to find something that matches your theme and personality.

Bunting comes in both lightweight and heavyweight options, so there is a perfect option for everyone’s needs. Make sure to measure the space where you want to install the bunting before making your purchase, as some varieties may require extra hanging space. If you are having an outdoor event, make sure to buy weatherproof bunting that can handle any weather conditions.

Finally, remember to remove all of the old decorations from your marquee before you start hanging new bunting!

Cut The Bunting To Size

Decide how big you would like your marquee to be before cutting the bunting to size. If the marquee is for a large event, cut the bunting in half or thirds to make it easier to manage.

Keep in mind that if the marquee is for a small event, you may only need a few pieces of bunting. When measuring the width and length of each piece of bunting, make sure not to include the seam allowances.

To attach each piece of bunting, use either tape or fabric glue to seal the ends together. Make sure your marquee is completely covered before taking down any decorations at the end of your party! If you have any questions about attaching or using bunting, be sure to ask a professional before hand.

Ready-made marquees are available at most stores and can be used for any occasion. Bunting can also be easily made at home by following some simple instructions online or from a book on design

Install The Bunting

When decorating for a big event, it is always important to have the right amount of bunting. Whether you are throwing a small backyard party or an elaborate holiday bash, follow these tips to make sure your bunting arrives in good condition. Additionally you can install outdoor Christmas lights in with alone your bunting to look good.

First and foremost, measure the space you will be using to hang your bunting and find the correct size banner. If you are unsure of how much bunting you will need, measure the width and height of each section of your marquee and divide by Next, multiply that number by the number of banners you plan on buying to get the total amount needed in yards.

Before heading to the store, double check that the fabric you want to use is available in yards and has a width of at least inches and a height of at least inches. You can also buy pre-made banners from stores or online retailers like Amazon . Once you have chosen your banner fabric and found a retailer, it’s time to start assembling your bunting! Start by pulling out all of the pins and securing each end of the banner fabric together with sticky tape or clamps.

Next comes the tricky part: attaching each individual flag to its corresponding pole using either wire hangers or stretch cord .


You will need as much bunting as the size of your marquee will allow. Be sure to account for the height of your poles and the width of your fabric.

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